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Kò essence is a brand focusing on the outer; the glow, the feeling and the healing of ones skin. Brining it to the best, most nourished level possible.

Customer's Feedback

Since I’ve started using the Ko body butter my skin has improved. Firstly, it’s supple and long lasting. Secondly, it’s a treat post shower or bath and makes for a lovely self-care gift for you or yours. Excellent product!

Shonchelle G.

I was a bit nervous to buy this because, although I love lavender, I didn't want to be drowning in its scent. However, the smell is perfectly subtle! Not to strong. I will say, the best quality of this product is its nourishing component. It will moisturize your skin like no other! I'm hoping they drop an unscented product so that I am able to use it all over my body!

Nefertari P.

I love this item! It smells so good and feels good on my skin. This is a must buy!

Ebony R.